Where international investment from powerful actors uses natural resources like water or land that sustain life for local people, conflict is a predictable result. Particularly where local people are not served by the rule of law to assert their rights due to corruption or discrimination, communities often have few ways to be heard. When resource conflicts due to international finance and investment take place in the context of underlying active violence, in post-conflict environments of fragile peace, or in countries going through transitional justice processes, local people can face even greater risks of harm.

In this way, international investment can fuel violence: violence where corporations or governments abuse people dissenting at the local level, or creation of instability that risks violent conflict at a local, regional or even national level. We have seen both types of violence caused by international investment at Accountability Counsel through our Communities program cases, and our Research program has documented 66 cases of violence against communities and retaliation brought through accountability office complaints in a public database, the Accountability Console.

Accountability offices can be a valuable tool for communities facing conflicts with corporations, their governments or international institutions. Through filing a complaint to an independent accountability office, communities can work toward compliance investigations or dispute resolution that can reach agreements to restore peace, prevent violence, and remedy harm through a peacebuilding process. Learn more here.

Relevant Cases Include: Tea Plantations in Assam, India | Oil in the Amazon, Peru | Khimti-Dhalkebar Transmission, Nepal | Caracol Industrial Park, Haiti | Biomass Project in Buchanan, Liberia | Ridge to Reef Conservation Project, Myanmar | Hydroelectric Power in Oaxaca, Mexico | Mining in the South Gobi, Mongolia | Water Project in Jharkhand, India

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India: Assam Tea Plantations
Peru: Oil in the Amazon
Nepal: Khimti-Dhalkebar Transmission Line
Haiti: Caracol Industrial Park
Liberia: Biomass Project in Buchanan
Myanmar: Ridge to Reef Project
Mexico: Oaxaca Hydroelectric
Mongolia: South Gobi Mining
India: Jharkhand Water Project