Policy Fellows will support Accountability Counsel in promoting corporate and institutional accountability and the protection of human and environmental rights. In this context, Policy Fellows will help advance our policy work toward the improvement of accountability mechanisms and their creation where they do not currently exist. Responsibilities include: conducting research and policy analysis; producing memos; reporting on international and domestic legal/policy developments; supporting our coalition-building efforts; and assisting with the development and implementation of advocacy strategies and campaigns. Policy Fellows will participate in meetings with stakeholders in government, business, international institutions, and partner organizations, as appropriate.

Applicants are requested to have relevant work experience and/or an academic background in at least some of the areas in which we work: international law; development and economics; public policy; and environmental and human rights. Applicants are required to have excellent communication, research, writing, and critical thinking skills. Policy Fellow applicants must submit a resume and brief policy advocacy writing sample via our online application form.

Positions are unpaid, but we will be happy to work with your institution to arrange academic credit.

We accept applications from current law and graduate students and recent graduates (within one year of graduation). Please note that law student applicants are expected to have finished at least their 1L year and graduate students are expected to have finished at least one year of study in a related field.

Student Application Form