Accountability Counsel amplifies the voices of communities around the world to protect their human rights and environment. As advocates for people harmed by internationally financed projects, we employ community driven and policy level strategies to access justice.


  • 1 November, 2022

    IAMs and CSOs Discuss the Next Generation of Accountability Mechanism Reforms

    By Accountability Counsel
    Accountability Counsel led the International Advocates’ Working Group in coordinating CSO Day at the 19th annual meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanism Network. Participants gathered in New York and virtually to discuss the continued evolution of accountability mechanisms in key areas, including monitoring, addressing reprisals, and facilitating remedy for project-affected communities.
  • 19 October, 2022

    Public Development Banks can’t drag their feet when it comes to building a sustainable future

    By Forus
    Stephanie Amoako, Senior Policy Associate at Accountability Counsel, said: “PDBs must be accountable to the communities impacted by their projects. All PDBs need to have an effective accountability mechanism to address concerns with projects and should commit to preventing and fully remediating any harm to communities.”
  • 17 October, 2022

    The Equator Principles have two big problems: a fossil-fuel problem and an accountability problem

    By Ryan Brightwell, BankTrack; Natalie Bugalski, Inclusive Development International; and Margaux Day, Accountability Counsel
    Either they get solved at the annual meeting of signatories starting today in Seoul, or the principles risk fading into irrelevance.
  • 13 October, 2022

    DataKind Partner Spotlight: Accountability Counsel

    By Samer Araabi, Accountability Counsel, with DataKind
    We’re reflecting on our project with Accountability Counsel as they look to the future, seeing where there are opportunities and challenges with data science in supporting their mission.
  • 6 October, 2022

    Accountability Counsel Files Brief Demanding Open Public Meetings at DFC

    By Accountability Counsel
    Accountability Counsel, supported by EarthRights International, filed an amicus brief to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to support transparency and stakeholder engagement at the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC). The brief argues against the DFC’s decision to exempt itself from the Government in the Sunshine Act, which requires federal agencies to open their meetings to the public. We highlighted the importance of transparency and stakeholder engagement in decision-making for project-affected communities and their advocates.  

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