In nearly all of our cases, communities experience human rights violations. Some are violations of economic, social and cultural rights, some are violations of civil and political rights, and in many cases, there are both. We see impacts like forced displacement from land and livelihoods, project impacts leading to human trafficking, use of violence and intimidation, and wrongful imprisonment for speaking out. Other human rights abuses experienced by our clients include knowing poisoning of drinking water due to contamination, forced labor, severe health impacts and bodily injury, and sexual exploitation. Women, children, Indigenous Peoples, and other marginalized groups often bear the brunt of harm.

Relevant Cases Include: Tea Plantations in Assam, India | Oil in the Amazon, Peru | Khimti-Dhalkebar Transmission, Nepal | Caracol Industrial Park, Haiti | Biomass Project in Buchanan, Liberia | Ridge to Reef Conservation Project, Myanmar | Water Project in Jharkhand, India

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India: Assam Tea Plantations
Peru: Oil in the Amazon
Nepal: Khimti-Dhalkebar Transmission Line
Haiti: Caracol Industrial Park
Liberia: Biomass Project in Buchanan
Myanmar: Ridge to Reef Project
India: Jharkhand Water Project