2018 Advocacy around Compliance Review

In December 2018, Accountability Counsel and its partners sent a letter to the ADB calling on it to enhance its Compliance Review Panel (CRP) hiring process by conducting formal consultations with external stakeholders. The letter noted that external stakeholder involvement in the hiring process is key to ensuring the independence of accountability mechanism staff and is a best practice adhered to by numerous development finance institutions. The letter called for this more inclusive approach to be utilized for the hiring of the next CRP Chair, which was due to begin in June 2019. In November 2019, the new CRP chair was hired with the participation of a CSO observer, an important step forward for a more inclusive hiring process and independence of the CRP. In July 2022, Accountability Counsel and its partners sent a letter encouraging the ADB to again follow this positive hiring practice for the new Special Project Facilitator (SPF).