We envision a world in which:

  • Communities can take part in decisions that affect them and secure remedy to realize rights
  • Effective and robust accountability systems deter abuses
  • International institutions and corporations respect communities and prevent abuses

By working with communities to raise their voices and defend their rights, advocating for policy change, and conducting cutting-edge research that produces new tools, we create outputs that lead to the outcomes that are necessary for our vision to be realized.

Some of the outputs we produce through our work:

  • An increase in the number of communities that become aware of independent accountability mechanisms at development finance institutions and know how to use them
  • An increase in the number of cases that result in strong findings, action plans, and agreements that deliver justice
  • Growth in the network of organizations that know about accountability offices, advocate for stronger policies, and support communities using them
  • Improvement in the policies at independent accountability mechanisms and an increase in the number of top-notch staff working in those offices
  • An increase in the amount and quality of resources for communities and organizations that advocate for them

These outputs lead to outcomes that make our vision possible, including:

  • Communities and the civil society organizations that support them, know their rights and options, and can access accountability mechanisms
  • Findings and agreements from accountability mechanism are implemented and communities experience positive change and remedy for harms they suffer
  • Civil society organizations support us in cases and in building better accountability mechanisms
  • Existing and new independent accountability mechanisms follow best practices
  • Positive change is visible in human rights and environmental policy and practice of international actors