Philanthropy does not flow equitably to the grassroots, local, and regional organizations that often take the most risks to advocate alongside communities to defend their human rights and environment, resist impacts of climate change, and call for justice in the face of abuse and insecurity. We are working to address this imbalance through our time, talent, and resources.

Accountability Counsel works to strengthen accountability ecosystems, where communities have support and capacity to hold international financial flows to account, and can actively resist and prevent harm through accountability office strategies, as part of broader campaigns for justice. We take a network approach to achieving this goal, recognizing the critical roles that local, regional, and international organizations all play in supporting local people to reach their environmental and human rights objectives.

As an organization with fundraising capacity in the United States and with a white founder, we occupy a place of unearned privilege. Our Solidarity Fundraising program recognizes that philanthropic resources do not equitably reach our local and grassroots partners, nor the regional and national level organizations doing critical work within our field, often led by our incredible BIPOC colleagues. We are committed to challenging this inequity by explicitly devoting approximately 20 percent of our fundraising resources to connecting grassroots, local, and regional partners directly to funding leads, supporting where requested with activities including introductions or technical engagement, so that our partners can build the resilient and sustainable organizations that they, and the communities we serve, deserve.

To learn more about our Solidarity Fundraising program, please contact Annie Lascoe, Director of Development at