We at Accountability Counsel are committed to working in an interdisciplinary and intersectional movement for justice.

This means continuing to collaborate closely with those in the environmental, human rights, labor, and development fields. But under the Trump administration, this also means standing up with immigrant rights activists, criminal justice advocates, LGBTQI activists and others who work on issues that may not leave the boundaries of the United States. United we stand, divided we fall.

As part of this commitment, we have initiated a Good Ally program, inspired by our participation in a January 2017 conference in San Francisco, where 1,200 lawyers gathered to strategize how – tactically – we can be good allies to communities threatened as a result of Trump administration policies. Accountability Counsel will encourage those on our staff who are lawyers in the U.S. with active bar membership to devote a portion of our dockets to protecting the rights of these communities, and the environment, here in the U.S.