29 September 2023

IAMnet 2023: Centering communities in accountability

When communities are affected by projects financed by development banks, independent accountability mechanisms offer a platform where their concerns can be heard and addressed. The Independent Accountability Mechanisms Network (IAMnet) meets every year to discuss the complex challenges that communities and civil society organizations face in registering complaints.

This years IAMnet Annual Meetings, comprising 24 mechanisms, will take place from October 4-6 in London. It is hosted by the Independent Project Accountability Mechanism of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IPAM/EBRD) and organized by the World Bank Accountability Mechanism (AM), the current Secretariat of IAMnet. Accountability Matters spoke to the AM Secretary and civil society participants about some of the challenges they face and their expectations of the Annual Meetings.

Read the full interview, featuring Accountability Counsel Policy Director Margaux Day, here.