9 April 2018

Community watches over creek’s turtles

…In 2010, Grupo Comexhidro wanted to build a small hydroelectric power plant on Sal creek, and cleared a one-kilometer stretch of shoreline to do so.

But according to residents of Santa Úrsula the company did not consult with them and little information regarding the project was made public.

With the support of several non-governmental organizations, including the international Accountability Counsel, residents halted the project.

“We are not against development,” municipal representative Gabino Vicente Francisco told the newspaper El Universal. What residents are against is “the imposing of projects without consultation.”

He said protecting the creek is a priority for the community, which is preparing its youth to be its guardians in the future.

“We are trying to instill a love for the environment, from basic things like caring for water supplies and not littering to taking action, such as monitoring Sal creek,” said Vicente.

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