29 April 2016

AC Travels to Nepal to Investigate Violence at Peaceful Protest

Accountability Counsel team members Komala Ramachandra and Anirudha Nagar just returned from the Sindhuli District in Nepal, where they traveled to investigate the recent violence that erupted 10 April, 2016 as communities peacefully protested a World Bank-funded transmission line project.  Police forces beat and arrested protesters, detained community leaders, and coerced detainees into signing documents assuring they would no longer obstruct project construction. This construction continues despite the Bank’s accountability office having undergone an investigation in 2014-2015 and finding serious abuses of the Bank’s own social and environmental policies in the planning and implementation of the project. Accountability Counsel continues to support communities as they struggle to have their voices heard and rights respected.

You can read more about the events of 10 April here and more about Accountability Counsel’s support of the communities’ case to the World Bank here.