The Accountability Resource Guide

The Accountability Resource Guide addresses tools for redressing human rights and environmental violations by international financial institutions, export promotion agencies and private corporate actors. The Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with Accountability Counsel trainings.

Accountability Counsel’s Executive Director pioneered this field with the first edition of the Guide in 2006.  Accountability Counsel is dedicated to keeping the Guide as up-to-date as possible.

The purpose of the Guide is to provide information for people who are, or who may be, harmed by projects sponsored by:

–  international financial institutions (such as the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and regional development banks);

– export credit, national development banks and governmental agencies (such as the U.S. Government’s agency, OPIC, and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation); and

– multinational corporations.

The Guide is intended to assist community leaders, lawyers, NGOs and individuals in determining what rights they have and how to file a complaint when those rights have been or may be violated.  The Guide also discusses information disclosure rules at the international financial institutions.

Accountability Counsel, in partnership with SOMO, have produced three brochures on the World Bank Inspection Panel and Compliance Advisor Ombudsman of the IFC and MIGA, the Independent Review Mechanism of the African Development Bank and the Accountability Mechanism of the Asian Development Bank that are available for download here:

Independent Review Mechanism of the AfDB Brochure

SOMO & Accountability Counsel’s Independent Review Mechanism Brochure

SOMO & Accountability Counsel's CAO Brochure

SOMO & Accountability Counsel’s CAO Brochure

SOMO & Accountability Counsel's Inspection Panel Brochure

SOMO & Accountability Counsel’s Inspection Panel Brochure

SOMO and AC Asian Development Bank AM Brochure

SOMO & Accountability Counsel Asian Development Bank AM Brochure

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