Our Resources program ensures that our skills and knowledge have a wider reach and deeper collective impact. This program provides concrete tools for our own staff, civil society colleagues, and the people who make up the movement for accountability more broadly.

Accountability Counsel is investing in our research program in order to better serve as a clearinghouse for all available data and case files from accountability mechanisms and private sector standards for international financing.  Later this year we will be bringing our partners and other practitioners new tools to enable better research and advocacy.  Stay tuned!

ResourcesThese tools include research, publications, trainings for advocates and pro bono lawyers, technical guides, and provision of a network for communication and collaboration. Resources available in this program include:


The Accountability Resource Guide ARG v.8 cover

The 8th Edition Guide is intended to assist community leaders, lawyers, NGOs and individuals in determining what rights they have and how to file a complaint when those rights have been or may be violated. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Accountability Counsel trainings.


Community Trainings & Workshops 6.16 Mexico City Training Infographic

Accountability Counsel conducts training for communities, their civil society partners, and lawyers seeking to assist communities challenging human rights and environmental abuses. Trainings for a particular community typically cover a number of options that may be available to resolve a dispute and bring accountability. Accountability Counsel trainings are typically at the invitation of communities and their local partners.



International Advocates’ Working GroupIMG_0882

A network of civil society organizations around the world that Accountability Counsel convenes to share information, lessons learned, best practice and strategy around international accountability mechanisms.

If you are interested in becoming part of this Working Group, please fill out the form on the IAWG page.



Data Transparency Through Collection and AnalysisGlass Half Full

We collect and report on data through collection of information on every case brought to every accountability office.

Recent reports include Accountability Counsel’s Charting Trends (2014) and a collective effort, Glass Half Full (2016).




Accountability Counsel’s publications explore a variety of issues regarding international financial institutions, development justice, business and human rights, and corporate accountability. Please review our reports, blogs and articles in this section.



Code of Ethics6.16 Code of Ethics

Accountability Counsel’s work in communities is guided by the following Code of Ethics that we developed with many of our civil society colleagues.

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