The Nippon Export and Investment Insurance Examiner

Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (“NEXI”) is an administrative agency of the Japanese Government. It provides trade and investment insurance to Japanese companies and has committed to confirming that project sponsors and other relevant parties implement appropriate environmental and social considerations in their projects. In order to fulfill this commitment, NEXI has established Guidelines on Environmental and Social Considerations in Trade Insurance (“Guidelines”).

The Examiner for the Guidelines on Environmental and Social Considerations in Trade Insurance, (“the Examiner”) is an office within NEXI established to hear complaints regarding violations of the Guidelines through an Objection Procedure. The Examiner conducts investigations to determine if NEXI has complied with the Guidelines.

Submit an objection the NEXI Examiner if:

  • You are two or more people who live in a country where NEXI has financed a project;
  • You have suffered or are likely to suffer harm from that project;
  • You show that the harm has resulted from NEXI’s failure to follow its own Guidelines; and
  • You have previously made efforts to address the issue with both the project sponsor and the relevant NEXI Department.

The Examiner determines eligibility of a request and then decides whether or not to proceed with a formal investigation. The Examiner may also attempt to mediate the dispute during a dialogue stage. Within 3 months, the Examiner will issue a report with a finding regarding compliance. The relevant NEXI department must respond, and the NEXI Chairman & CEO decides what action to take, if any.

For more information, see the Accountability Resource Guide, or visit NEXI’s website.


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