The Brazilian Development Bank’s Ombudsperson

The Brazilian Development Bank, or Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (“BNDES”),  is a state-owned development bank that is the main source of financing for infrastructure and expansion of industry through investments in a variaty of economic sectors in Brazil and the region. BNDES has also opened its own Export-Import Bank that is exclusively dedicated to the foreign trade sector.

BNDES created the position of Ombudsperson within the Bank in 2003.  They receive suggestions, reports of misconduct, and complaints, from both the external and internal public. The Ombudsperson can assist in resolving disputes between citizens and BNDES by issuing clarifications and trying to strengthen the bonds between the BNDES, its clients and the general public.

There is currently little information available about the functioning of the Ombudsperson mechanism of BNDES and the BNDS does not currently have a disclosure policy regarding complaints.

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