The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

Our Work To Ensure Well Functioning OECD National Contact Points

Remedy Remains RareOne June 15, 2015, a new report – with Accountability Counsel’s Caitlin Daniel as lead author – analyzed the performance of the OECD’s system of state-based complaint offices found that the system is failing to bring accountability for corporate wrongdoing.

In 15 years of service and over 250 cases filed, only one percent has led to any improvement in conditions for the victims of corporate abuse.  The report calls for a revision of the procedural guidance governing these offices to bring about specific improvements.  See the full press release or visit OECD Watch’s website for more information.


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is made up of industrialized nations which host the majority of corporations and export credit agencies that finance and guarantee projects around the world. The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are guidelines for corporations operating in and from OECD countries, and include standards on human rights, labor, and the environment.

The Guidelines have been endorsed by the member countries and implementation takes place through National Contact Points (NCPs) located in each member country. The NCPs are also charged with receiving complaints from any interested party over corporations in violation of the Guidelines and mediating disputes regarding the Guidelines.

A complaint can be filed with the NCP in the country where the conduct occurred or where the corporation is headquartered. Generally, NCPs follow overall procedures by the OECD but each NCP may have adopted different and more specific procedural rules.

The mediation process is entirely voluntary and at its conclusion or termination the NCP will issue a statement and make the results publicly available. The NCP statement may also include recommendations on the implementation of the Guidelines as appropriate.

For more information, see the Accountability Resource Guide, or visit the OECD Guidelines’ website.

For more about Accountability Counsel’s policy advocacy regarding the US NCP, visit our OECD National Contact Point of the US policy advocacy page.

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