European Investment Bank’s CM

The European Investment Bank (“EIB”) lends money to the public and private sectors in the area of EU convergence, and provides support for small and medium-sized enterprises, environmental projects, research, transport and energy. The accountability mechanism of the EIB is called the Complaints Mechanism (“CM”), and it applies to both private and public sector EIB operations. The CM takes a flexible approach to its functions; it conducts compliance reviews, problem-solving, gives advice and recommendations to EIB Management and reviews implementation of corrective actions. It may accept complaints from any person or group alleging operational “maladministration” by the EIB.

Submit a complaint if you believe the EIB has failed to act according to:

  • applicable law;
  • EIB policy;
  • human rights; or
  • failed to respect the principles of good administration.

The CM Office will respond within 10 days acknowledging receipt of the complaint. This may include, or be followed by, a decision as to whether the complaint will be processed. If so, the Office will conduct an investigation using a flexible approach, which may include compliance review and/or problem-solving. The Office concludes its work with any recommended corrective actions and issues a Conclusions Report. If you are not satisfied with the result, within one year, you may appeal to the European Ombudsman.

For more information, see the Accountability Resource Guide, or visit the EIB’s website.



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