"Accountability Counsel assists communities around the world to defend their environmental and human rights."

We hold corporate and institutional violators accountable through our dual approaches: direct support to communities and policy advocacy.


We assist communities to defend their rights through complaints to accountability offices tied to projects that cause harm. Through complaints requesting dispute resolution and investigations, we have supported communities in 21 countries. We have prevented abuses in Mexico, caused redesign of a projects in Papua New Guinea, and assist with a complex community-company dialogue processes in Mongolia


Accountability Counsel advocates for independent, fair, transparent, accessible and effective accountability offices so that banks, corporations and institutions are held to the norms and standards to which they have agreed.  In just over five years, we have positively influenced accountability policy at every major international financial institution and two U.S. agencies.


We provide tools to assist communities in seeking redress for human rights and environmental abuses. Key tools include our Accountability Resource Guide that covers complaints to international financial institutions, export promotion agencies and private corporate actors and a Working Group of civil society groups who support community complaints and collect data regarding accountability policy and practice.

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