Pragati Raskar

Development Intern

Pragati Raskar is an international student majoring in Political Science at the University of Rochester . Before coming to the United States, she studied at the United World College in Germany where she received an International Baccalaureate diploma. Pragati currently works as a Student Ambassador for the University of Rochester and as a Co-President for the Hindu Students’ Association. As a Student Ambassador, Pragati speaks with donors about the importance of financial assistance for students and encourages them to make gifts to organizations working specifically for low-income, first-generation, people of color. With the Hindu Students’ Association, she aims to promote cultural diversity and inclusivity by bringing South-Asian students together to celebrate religious festivals, traditions, and spirituality. Pragati also works closely with a nonprofit organization called Akanksha, which has built several schools that provide free, high quality education with a focus on leadership, environmental sustainability, social work, and empathy towards students from low-income backgrounds in India. As an Akanksha graduate, Pragati works with the Akanksha Fund in New York to raise awareness about the importance of education in India as well as the need to build schools for low-income students.