Dysfunction in Development Aid Runs Deep

Explores the lack of accountability at U.S. federal agencies and what it would take to have a truly effective accountability system. By Natalie Bridgeman Fields and Kindra Mohr (2016)


World Bank support for Haitian mining: far from a gold standard

Explains the World Bank’s role in encouraging mining investment in Haiti despite grave concerns about large-scale mining in Haiti’s current social and political context.  By Peterson Derolus, Nixon Boumba and Caitlin Daniel (2015)


Rethinking Accountability At the World Bank

A discussion on the major gaps in accountability that persist at the World Bank and the proposed solutions, by Natalie Bridgeman Fields and Kindra Mohr (2015)


Do communities affected by internationally financed projects have access to remedies?

A discussion of accountability mechanisms as a means for access to remedy for marginalized communities, by Law Fellow Kristin Beharry (2014)


Disempowered Development

Case update on violation of rights in Nepal for electricity transmission, by Komala Ramachandra (2014)


IFC’s Bitter Tea

Case update on CAO investigation into workers’ rights violations on tea plantation in Assam, India, by Komala Ramachandra (2014)


Keep the World Bank Accountable

Policy update on Inspection Panel member policies at the World Bank, by Natalie Bridgeman Fields (2014)


After Abuses, Liberians Demand Action from U.S. Government

Case update and video about complaint to Overseas Private Investment Company (OPIC) investment Liberia


What Does ‘Access to Remedy’ Really Mean

Blog post about the meaning of access to remedy and its importance in guarding human rights for marginalized people, by Natalie Bridgeman Fields (2013)


What Kiobel Means for Corporate Accountability

Explanation of the impact of The Supreme Court’s Kiobel v Royal Dutch Petroleum decision on Accountability Counsel’s work, by Natalie Bridgeman Fields (2013)

A Call For Reform of World Bank Group Agribusiness Policies and Practice: A Proposal to End Violations of Indigenous and Traditional Peoples’ Rights

by Accountability Counsel and the Center for International Environmental Law (2010)


 Human Rights responsibilities of private sector banks; The policy required to “Respect” and provide “Access to remedy”

by Natalie L. Bridgeman (2010)


Narrowing the Accountability Gap: Toward a New Foreign Investor Accountability Mechanism

by Natalie L. Bridgeman and David B. Hunter (2008)


Working Discussion Paper on a Proposed EIB Accountability Mechanism

by Natalie L. Bridgeman and David B. Hunter (2007)


Human Rights Litigation Under the ATCA as a Proxy for Environmental Claims

by Natalie L. Bridgeman (2003)


World Bank Reform in the ‘Post-Policy’ Era

by Natalie L. Bridgeman (2001)


Nonstate Actors in the Global Climate Regime

by Kal Raustiala and Natalie L. Bridgeman

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