Recent Accountability Counsel Writing

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Mapping Accountability CoverMapping Accountability: A Regional Look at Complaints in Development Finance

by Accountability Counsel (2016)




Scorecard Cover ImageScoring OPIC One Year On: Few Lessons Learned in OPIC’s Response to Disastrous Project in Liberia

by Accountability Counsel (2016)




Glass Half Full? The State of Accountability in Development Finance

by Accountability Counsel in partnership with 10 other organizations (2016)




Remedy Remains RareRemedy Remains Rare: An analysis of 15 years of NCP cases and their contribution to improve access to remedy for victims of corporate misconduct

by OECD Watch, lead authored by Accountability Counsel’s Caitlin Daniel (2015)



World Bank support for Haitian mining: far from a gold standard

Explains the World Bank’s role in encouraging mining investment in Haiti despite grave concerns about large-scale mining in Haiti’s current social and political context.  By Peterson Derolus, Nixon Boumba and Caitlin Daniel (2015)


Rethinking Accountability At the World Bank

A discussion on the major gaps in accountability that persist at the World Bank and the proposed solutions, by Natalie Bridgeman Fields and Kindra Mohr (2015)

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