The Japan Bank for International Cooperation’s and the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s EEG

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (“JBIC”) is the export credit agency of the Japanese Government. JBIC promotes Japanese exports, imports and economic activities overseas. Japan International Cooperation Agency (“JICA”) is part of the Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) and provides bilateral aid directly to developing countries in the form of Technical Cooperation, Japanese ODA Loans, and Grant Aid.

Both JBIC and JICA have an Examiner for Environmental Guidelines (“EEG”) to ensure compliance with their Guidelines. The Examiner may review projects in which JBIC or JICA provide funding and in which substantial damage has occurred or is likely to occur in the future, due to non-compliance with the Guidelines.

Submit a complaint to the JBIC or JICA EEG if:

  • you are two or more people who live in a country where JBIC or JICA has financed a project;
  • you have suffered or are likely to suffer harm from the JBIC or JICA project;
  • the harm has resulted from JBIC’s or JICA’s failure to follow own Guidelines; and
  • you have made efforts to address the problem with both the project sponsor and operational department of either JBIC or JICA before filing a complaint.

The Examiner conducts an eligibility assessment  and then decides whether or not to investigate. The Examiner may also attempt to mediate the dispute through a dialogue phase. The Examiner will issue a report on the findings regarding compliance with the Guidelines. The operational department must respond, and the Board decides what action to take, if any.

For more information, see the Accountability Resource Guide, or visit JBIC’s website or JICA’s website.


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