The Canadian Office of the Extractive Sector’s CSR Counsellor

The Canadian Office of the Extractive Sector’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Counsellor is a federal agency set up by the Canadian government to further CSR in Canada’s international mining, oil, and gas sectors. The CSR Counsellor offers dispute resolution in cases involving the Canadian private extractive sector. The process is referred to as the “Review Process” and is entirely voluntary, so a party may decline to participate at any point in the process.

Anyone affected by a Canadian mining, oil or gas company can complain, but disputes must concern issues relating to the Canadian extractive sector’s Performance Guidelines. In the Review Process the CSR Counsellor facilitates dispute resolution and cannot investigate or make findings about whether a company is in compliance with the Performance Guidelines or any other standards.

The CSR Counsellor receives request for the Review Process and determines eligibility. If dispute resolution is agreed to by the parties, the CSR Counsellor will facilitate dialogue, trust building, and gathering of information. At the completion or termination of the Review Process, the CSR Counsellor will publish a final report.

For more information see Accountability Resource Guide, or visit the CSR Counsellor’s website.

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